Short Stories

A Slumbering Storm (2017)
A depressed young woman visits a decrepit spa town, hoping she’ll finally be able to sleep.

in Strange Horizons (3 July 2017)

The Lady of the House of Mirrors (2015)
With a little help from a graverobber, an apprentice toymaker agrees to build a humanoid companion for a wilting socialite.

Originally appeared in Daughters Of Frankenstein (Lethe Press 2015)
Later collected in Up and Coming: Stories by the 2016 Campbell-Eligible Authors

Dolls in the Works
A girl and her robotic best friend set out on a demon-slaying quest to avenge her brother’s death.

Upcoming in The Dark Monocle (Emby Press)

Travel & Curiosities

Atlas Obscura, May 2017 / A look at Portugal's first serial killer (or is he?) whose head has been forever preserved in a jar.

Atlas Obscura, July 2016 / Notes and pictures from my visit to the tomb of Elizabeth of Aragon, the Portuguese queen turned incorrupt Roman Catholic saint.


Catapult, July 2016 / Dazed and confused thoughts from a lapsed Catholic.